[MUM’16] GazeArchers: Playing with Individual and Shared Attention in a Two-Player Look&Shoot Tabletop Game

A fun project to develop a game, that can be considered the most fun game for eye-tracking! It’s a tabletop UI where we attached two Tobii eyex trackers. The game has some interesting concepts: what if users look at the same target? What if they don’t?

The user interface is flat and allows to be used from two sides, for two players. Users interact by aiming with their eyes, and tapping on the side of the touchscreen. This shoots out arrows to stop the incoming footmen to cross the bridge. Shoot’em up!

The system where two users sit opposed to each other, and interact with their eyes.


Gaze can complement touch on surfaces for fast target selection and occlusion-free input. In this work, we look beyond single-user application of gaze and touch and explore how gaze can be leveraged for collaborative use. We present the design of a two-player shooter game in which targets are gaze-aware and able to react differently to attention by one of the players versus shared attention of both players. The game-play, evaluated in a study with 14 users, encourages users to adopt different strategies switching between individual and shared attention to achieve their collaborative goal.


GazeArchers: Playing with Individual and Shared Attention in a Two-Player Look&Shoot Tabletop Game
Ken Pfeuffer, Jason Alexander, and Hans Gellersen. 2016. In Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM’16). ACM, Rovaniemi, Finland. doi, video

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