I am a Tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction group at the computer science department at Aarhus University, Denmark. I am leading the XI research group on topics of human-computer interaction, in particular AR/VR/XR, eye-tracking, UI design, and adaptive interaction. Before, I have been at Florian Alt‘s Usable Security and Privacy group in Munich, at Lancaster University in the UK at Hans Gellersen‘s group, and interned at Microsoft and Google Research.


  • 22.03.23: A short paper conditionally accepted at ETRA’23 (Symposium of Eye Tracking Research & Applications), which will take place this year in Tubingen, Germany.
  • 24.01.23: 3 Full Papers conditionally accepted at CHI’23. We are looking forward to presenting our research on gaze interaction in 3D and mixed-reality collaboration tools in Hamburg in April 2023.
  • 03.01.23: In 2023, we are aiming to greatly expand our research efforts and team – we are looking for a Postdoc and PhD student. Please contact me if you have interest.
  • 07-11.12.22: Our group visits Lancaster Uni in UK for a workshop with the Lancaster group, and I am giving a guest lecture on 3D interaction for the HCI class.
  • 26-27.10.22: I am chairing a session at DTS (digital tech summit) in Copenhagen on Eye-tracking and Adaptive systems.
  • 10.09.22: Joao Belo’s paper on AUIT, a toolkit to create & prototype adaptive UIs, has been accepted at UIST’22.
  • 01.08.22: Welcome to two new PhD students at our group – Christoph Johns will focus on AI-driven adaptive interaction, whereas Pavel Manakhov will set foot into Gaze interaction on the go.
  • 8-11.07.22: Attending ETRA’22 in Seattle, where our group presents two papers (paper 1 & paper 2) and I have organised the COGAIN workshop together with Minoru. Great turnout, with Tanya Yonker from RealityLabs on Eye tracking and the future of AR as keynote.
  • 01.04.22: Our team is forming: Mathias Lystbæk and Uta Wagner are the first PhD students, focusing on AR manufacturing and 3D gaze-based interaction.
  • 10.04.22: 2 Full Papers accepted at ETRA’22 on our novel interaction concept of “Gaze-Hand Alignment”, to advance AR menu and text entry selection techniques.
  • 10.02.22: Yasmeen’s paper (of UniBW/Munich) on eye-tracking for password reuse has been conditionally accepted at CHI’22!